Bypass Relays & Interactive CANbus Modules

Smart Bypass Relays: trouble-free fitting

These devices allow trouble-free fitting on vehicles with complex electrics and electronics. They are designed to operate trailer road lamps in unison with the towing vehicle's road lamps without drawing any significant current from the vehicle's road lamp circuits. They are used in vehicles that have bulb-failure warning devices that would be activated by the simple connection of additional lamp circuits for the trailer directly to the vehicle's own lamp circuits.

Not detected

Smart Bypass relays incorporate miniature relays to switch the trailer lamps on and off. Connection is made to the vehicle's lamp circuits but only for the purpose of alerting control circuits that energise the coils of the relays. So little current is taken from the vehicle's lighting circuits that the vehicle cannot detect it.

Power direct from the vehicle's main power source

The current that energises the coils of the relays as well as the current that the relays switch to the trailer is all drawn from the vehicle's main power source (fuse bus, etc). The current taken from the vehicle's wiring circuits is less than one milliamp per circuit. The quiescent current (current when the vehicle is powered down) is measured in micro amps.)

Easily handle currents

Although the coil currents are tiny, the switching capacity of each relay is 20 amps. This means they can easily handle the currents found in typical trailer/caravan road light systems.

SmartCAN Interactive CANbus Towing Relays: vehicle-matched

The TF2302 SmartCAN module interfaces with the vehicle's CANbus network using the vehicle's CAN HI and CAN LO wires.Fully interactive and recodable, the multi-compatible standard module fits many vehicles. (See the drop-down list under the Vehicle Data tab.) There is a dedicated GM module for the latest Vauxhall/Opel vehicles.

Identifies the vehicle in which it is fitted: dedicates itself

As soon as the module is connected and powered up, it analyses the data the host car is sending, recognises the vehicle it is in, dedicates itself to that vehicle and applies the correct codes.

Enables activation of car’s towing related functions

When the vehicle requires data from the towing module to activate towing-related functions, the smart module sends it.

Has a built-in caravan auxiliary function.

The SmartCAN module has a CAN-activated 12S function to control caravan auxiliary circuits. Two switched 12S outputs on the module are activated when the CAN detects that the engine is running.