Standard Relay Colour and Terminal Codes

The following colour and number codes govern our 12N relay wires and terminals. The colours and numbers are based on the familiar 12N colours in 7-core cable and the numbers in 12N sockets and plugs.

Relay terminal number Relay Input wire Relay Output wire Relay Application
1 Yellow or Yellow/White Yellow LH Flasher
2 Blue N/A Fog Lamp
0V White White Earth
4 Green or Green/White Green RH Flasher
5 Brown N/A LH Tail
6 Red N/A Brake Lamps
7 Black N/A RH Tail
+12V Orange N/A Power to  unit
C2 N/A Pink Monitors trailer indicators

The number 3 (earth on 7-pin or 13-pin socket) is not used on our relays.